Desktop Images

On this page I have collected some travel photos that I like to run as screensavers.
For residents or friends of these places, I put them online here for download. The images are 3360×2100 pixels (MacBook Retina 15 inch) and 750×1334 pixels (iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, SE 2) in size.

Notes on use and user agreement

With a right click you can download the desired images from this page to your computer. You agree to use them only for viewing on your computer, e.g. B. as a screen background or as part of a slide show in a screen saver. If necessary, you can crop them to a desired format. Further processing, modification or other use is not permitted, nor is the removal of the metadata contained in the image.


... My life will end in a small village in the Pyrenees where nobody knows me. ... Walter Benjamin (1940)

Cap de Creus

Aquesta part compresa entre el Camell I l’Àguila que tu coneixes i estimes tant com jo mateix és i ha de continuar per sempre essent geologia pura, sense res que pugui mixtificar-lo, en faig qüestió de principi. És un paratge mitològic que és fet per a déus més que per a homes i cal que continuï tal com està. Salvador Dalí (1961)

„This part between the Camel and the Eagle that you know and love as much as I myself is and must remain forever pure geology, with nothing that can mythologize it, I make it a matter of principle. It is a mythological place that is made by God rather than by Men and must continue as it is.“
The Dalí quote on a metal plate in Cap de Creus Natural Park

Huesca and Province of Huesca